We offer Film productions,
Marketing and graphic- and webdesign

Our media products

We are a team of two people. Together we offer a whole range of media products that will cover all your marketing needs as company. With Konrad, who is the guy for social media concepts and marketing strategies and a great camera man and cutter and Juliane. She is the graphic designer and does not only film but also makes animation for videos, print products, websites and other graphic work.

Film and Photography, Videoproduktion


We are producing not just the moving pictures. Our fast production results in 4K content, which is optimized for all social media platforms and that in a very progressive and effective way.

Postproduction, Nachbearbeitung und Filmschnitt

Post Pro

Our all-round service does also involve the post production, wich means that we process the filmed content. We cut, color grade and also add the perfect music and sound effects to transform the content into a exciting and forceful story.

Grafikdesign und Mediadesign


Grafic does add the extra spice and gives some further information. It's also the perfect way to present your logo in a creative and inspiring way, in the videos environment

Social Media Content und Management

Creative Marketing

When we finished the film production our work has not come to an end. We help you to present and spread the story to the world on any social media platform. We ensure that your product reaches the audience it deserves.

Using social media for branding

An underestimated or overrated tool and just a few people understand the real power of it…


Have you ever heard of advertisements that made people cry? Filming and videography is the new tool and a highly effective way to tell your story, to bring emotions to your clients and to show all the different aspects of your company that you are proud of.

Graphic Design

Yeah right, we do it all.

To built your companies identity, we will also do graphic design, like logos, any print products and the corporate design


We make webdesing that follows the sentence “form follows function”

The most important thing is to tell the visitor the message that is important for you. We think about the concept and the perfect design, that will support and highlight your priorities and values.

Our clients

These are the incredible people we have been working with!

based in

the northern alps and traveling with our van, which is our home while mountaineering and filming.

Am Riedlerberg 19
83708 Kreuth


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AdventureRoutine sounds paradox, but it isn't. An adventure starts, where the plan gets suspended. The Routine is just the way that brings us to the place, where adventure is begins.

We are looking forward
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We would be so proud, if you followed our adventures. 

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