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Every where you can hear “content is king” which says, that as long as you produce a lot of content, you will be seen and that is right. But it involves, that people consume everyday countless photos, advertisements and promotions. It get’s harder and harder to create something that sticks in peoples minds, as there is so much visual input. But there is way, to create content that is worth remembering and attracting visitors: Videos.

Imagine a Website full of text but there is also a video, that explains the content. What would you do? If you are searching in Google for a specific topic, because you want to have something explained. On top of everything, Google will help you with videos, because it is a content, that mixes audio and visuals and this mixture does not only provide more information in less time but also lets the human brain remember the information given way better, because it feels more intense than just some letters.

So lets stop writing here and start our showreel!

Winter Adventures

skitour, freeriding and alpine snow adventures

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Outdoor Summer

sport climbing, multipitches and alpine climbing


business, employer branding and hotels

based in

the northern alps and traveling with our van, which is our home while mountaineering and filming.

Am Riedlerberg 19
83708 Kreuth


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AdventureRoutine sounds paradox, but it isn't. An adventure starts, where the plan gets suspended. The Routine is just the way that brings us to the place, where adventure is begins.

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