Film, Photo and Social Media

To show your individuality

Individuality is what stays in peoples minds. So tell your story and people will remember and understand you. 
We will help you to create content that matters and shows your company in an authentic way and bring that content to the perfect target group.

In cooperation with social cosmos.

Why you should use Social Media

So here is a tool, where you can talk to a potential client and he responds. That means that you have the ability to build trust and to develop a connection to your customer. And this is, why Social Media works different, than other common marketing channels, like print or online advertisements.

It is focused on building a brand that people can remember and refer to, because they are aware of their special offer and individuality because those brands told their story!

Everyone in the marketing business thinks and talks about Social Media, but just a few people really get, what it is all about and what you can really do with it.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not only another channel to sell your products or make some marketing campaigns. No, because it is called “Social”. It is about communication, about telling and responding between company and customer. 

The way to tell your story

Videos and Movies

With videos you will reach nearly every nerve of a human body, because music, sounds and impressive visuals influence the viewer in a very intensive way.

Grafic Design

We help you to create the individual and beautiful look of your company to make something that stays in peoples minds.


Photography is the most common way to tell a story and the best part about it: it is simple to spread on social media and highly effective

based in

the northern alps and traveling with our van, which is our home while mountaineering and filming.

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AdventureRoutine sounds paradox, but it isn't. An adventure starts, where the plan gets suspended. The Routine is just the way that brings us to the place, where adventure is begins.

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hearing from you!

We would be so proud, if you followed our adventures. 

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